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Address   P.O. Box 388
Granum, Alberta Canada
T0L 1A0

Phone   403-687-3934
Fax   403-687-3934

1960's and 1970's

A fire truck was purchased by the M.D. of Willow Creek. It was a Dodge 4x4 with a front mounted pump and a 300-gallon supply tank. It was the pride and joy of Chief Roy Henker who resigned in 1966. Wally Myers was then selected by the members to be the new Chief. He was the elevator agent for Pioneer Grain and his term lasted two years as he was transferred to another district.

Mel Mensinger became Chief. Mr. Mensinger was a mechanic and was an invaluable asset to the department as he could make the trucks run. The Fire Department consisted of 10 members and 2 fire trucks. The Rural Fire Association purchased a 1960 International with a pump and a 1000-gallon tank. Agnar Johnson and Donald Douglas Sr. were instrumental in acquiring adequate fire protection for the rural area.

December 1970
Harold Clark became the new Fire Chief. The Deputy Chief was Al Munro. The Granum Fire Department had a training program December 15-17, 1970. Don Graham, Fire Inspector, was the instructor. The Department learned organizational structure and procedures of volunteer fire departments. Also fire safety for the fire fighter. The final night dealt with methods of controlling and extinguishing structural fires. The membership had grown to 13.

Nov. 26, 1972
Alf Brisby was elected as new Chief, and Harold Clark became Deputy Chief. 16 volunteer members.