EMERGENCY dial 9 - 1 - 1
Address   P.O. Box 388
Granum, Alberta Canada
T0L 1A0

Phone   403-687-3934
Fax   403-687-3934


Aug 12, 1990
Responded to Dairy West of Granum.
Hay bales on fire.
Succeeded in extinguishing fire with only minor damage to the surrounding buildings.

October 7, 1990
Responded to Dufferin Street.
Garage on fire.
Succeeded in stopping the fire from spreading to other buildings with extensive damage to the garage.

Dec. 1, 1991
Responded with two units to MacEwan Street.
Duplex on fire.
Fortunately no one was injured in this fire. Fire was confined to basement area and was extinguished with minor damage. Cause: small children playing with matches and lighters.

Dec. 5, 1991
Responded East on HWY 519 300 feet North East of CPR tracks.
1400 volt TransAlta line broke and fell to ground causing ignition of natural gas line. 50psi
Fire was extinguished with foam.

Dec. 20, 1991
Responded to Bright Street.
Warehouse fire containing canola oil in storage tanks.
A difficult fire that was eventually extinguished with foam.
Don Douglas Fire Chief, John White Deputy Chief. 18 members.

November 20, 1992
Responded to West of Granum.
Mobile home explosion and fire.
Home was completely destroyed. Occupant of home was inside at the time of the explosion and survived with minor injuries.

October 26, 1993
Responded to Cascade Fertilizer.
Fire in mixing tower.
Extinguished with water, minor damage.

February 6, 1994
Responded to East of Granum.  House fire.
Fire was smoldering under the porch, part of porch removed and fire extinguished with water.

October 18, 1995
Responded to Dufferin Street.
Fire in roof of house.
Fire was extinguished with water, damage to roof and bathroom.

December 14, 1997
Fire Storm.
Town of Granum evacuated.

Don Douglas Fire Chief, John White Deputy Chief. 14 members.

Purchased a command rescue vehicle for transportation of personnel and equipment. Also to be used as a command post. The fleet now consists of three units. The volunteer roster: Don Douglas as Fire Chief, and Rick Kehoe as Deputy Chief. 18 members.

9-1-1 service was made available in the month of July.
Welcomed first female fire fighter, Eleanor Rondeau.