EMERGENCY dial 9 - 1 - 1
Address   P.O. Box 388
Granum, Alberta Canada
T0L 1A0

Phone   403-687-3934
Fax   403-687-3934


CHIEF   Rick Kehoe 
DEPUTY CHIEF  James Dautremont 
CAPTAIN  Ben Hann 
CAPTAIN  Len Rondeau 
CAPTAIN  Gary Williams
   Sean Conrad
   Walter Havinga
   Terry Levair
   George Mahieux
   Herb Pitchko
   Eleanor Rondeau
   Allyn Vandervalk

January 9  F-500 Demo Night All members got hands-on-use when Mike Zimmer demonstrated F-500 in pressurized tanks. 
January 23  Toxic Chemicals Seminar  Adam Borys, Dangerous Goods Inspector.
January 25-27  First Aid, C.P.R., and A.E.D. Courses  Instructor: Kendra Varoney
February 13  Highway Safety Seminar  Jaime Johnston, Collision Analyst R.C.M.P.
February 16  Exercise At Agrium Fertilizer Plant  At 11:08 hrs. a call was received from from Agrium Fertilzers. Read about the exercise
February 27  Safety Program at Granum Hutterite Colony  The G.F.D. went to the Granum Hutterite Colony to do a safety program with all the residents.
     This was a big event for the children as they got to watch T.V. and actually learn  something 
     about fire safety. We were treated to a nice lunch consisting of homemade bread and 
     and sausage and coffee.
March 13  Seminar  Kevin Jess, Fire Services Advisor
October 6 - 12  Fire Prevention Week  Theme: "TEAM UP FOR FIRE SAFETY" Read about Fire Prevention Week 2002