EMERGENCY dial 9 - 1 - 1
Address   P.O. Box 388
Granum, Alberta Canada
T0L 1A0

Phone   403-687-3934
Fax   403-687-3934


 January 5-300 The S-300 held in January went very well and Fire Chief Travis Coleman instructed 15 
     students from the MD of Willow Creek. All of the students did very well, and the course 
     was a huge success.
   Roll Over   
 February  Annual Supper   The fund-raising dinner in February was also a huge success with the G.F.D. 
     raising approximately $4,000; an impressive amount for one day worth of work. 
     Thank you to everyone that helped out, and for the support from the community. 
     The fund-raising helped the Department to purchase their new rescue unit.
     The new rescue unit went into service on March 20, 2010 and everything is running perfectly. 
     The rescue is a huge step-up from the old unit. It is on a 2009 GMC 550 diesel chassis, 
     with 16 foot walk-in cab built from Fort Garry Fire Trucks out of Winnipeg.